Creating Connections Through Brand and Experience

Wednesday 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Session Description

In the current state of hiring where there are more jobs than candidates to fill, just pushing jobs out won’t get you what you need.
The game has changed and while record low unemployment rates are part of the reason, the other factor at play here is the change to the way in which we can consume information. The changes in consumer behaviors and expectations will continue to impact recruiting regardless of unemployment rates.
“Recruiting has changed from the days when big companies believed that “people need a job and we are the ones to provide it” and didn’t worry about getting back to candidates. That world has completely shifted. In the world we live in today, the candidate is more like a shopper, asking if they really want to work for the company, if they’ll be able to grow there as an individual, make a unique contribution to the world and make a living.” Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder of talent relationship management platform Phenom People
Organizations that do a good job of sharing who they are, setting expectations of the hiring process, communicating with applicants and treating them fairly will be the ones to win the war for talent in this growing competitive market.
Candidate experience isn’t just a buzz word, it’s the differentiator that will make candidates choose you as an employer and likely impact their decision to refer others to you or purchase your products and services too.

Becki Feldmann

Becki Feldmann is the System Leader of Employee and Candidate Experience at SSM Health. She has been with SSM Health for 15 years and started as a psych tech in one of the hospitals. After being drawn into retention and development initiatives she moved into the organizational development space which led to many opportunities in HR and then IT. In 2014, Becki landed in Talent Management where she is now focused on optimizing technology and connecting people to improve the candidate and employee experience. Becki is a unique blend of HR and IT which has proven very successful in designing/delivering technology to meet the ever changing needs of the business to achieve exceptional results. She has been a key player in prioritizing the organization’s commitment to candidate experience through the redesign of the talent acquisition process and introduction of innovative technology. As a result of this work, SSM Heath was one of only three health care organizations to receive the CandE Award from the Talent Board in 2016. SSM Health was also recognized by Glassdoor for Best Places to Interview and Healthcare Source for the Raving Fan Award in 2017.