Steve Jobs The Lost Interview: Lessons on Leadership, High Performing Teams and Innovation

Friday 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Session Description

Whether you are a leader or an aspiring leader, Jobs shares insights on how to engage people, how to share responsibility and how to lead creative minds. He states that he didn’t care if people liked him, it was about the results!
In his usual, high-energy style, Jeff Tobe facilitates discussion amongst attendees (no matter the size of the group and no matter the industry/profession) that he has seen transform businesses. Thought AND Action provoking questions get people re-examining where they are headed and how they lead!
Steve Jobs called them “A Teams” and in this facilitated discussion or keynote, you will hear the leader of APPLE make very clear distinctions between “A” players and his “B” and “C” players. He had very strong feelings about assembling high performance teams. Jobs claimed that “…it’s a self-perpetuating thing. ‘A’ players want to work with other ‘A’ players so they only hire ‘A’ players and the whole team gets better and better.” He also shares his theory of good conflict vs. bad conflict in any team and much much more.
Effective teams increase workplace morale and productivity. Teams that are innovative make fewer mistakes, save money and are more efficient. A recent study of 160 top global companies revealed that within a decade the greatest influence would not come from an individual but from a team. The number one challenge that teams face is that they have trouble blending together because of varying degrees of knowledge and skills held by the team members.
Jeff Tobe’s creative team building fosters group collaboration. His fun and participatory session teaches the lesson that all contributions are important to the whole team. Jeff explores the creation of interdependence in teams and how the most powerful teams foster self-motivation among their members. In the end, everyone realizes that the best teams do not have one great leader, but instead are a team of leaders.

Take 2-3 minutes today to watch a few testimonials about Jeff’s presentations at Michigan Health Information Management Association May 2018 and Million Dollar Roundtable in June 2018 from Laura MHIMA Event Planner and Brad attendee at MDRT

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Jeff Tobe

nnovation and Creativity Guru. Customer Experience Expert. Employee Engagement Engineer.
Certified Speaking Professional Jeff Tobe, M.Ed., CSP, was chosen by readers of Convention & Meetings Magazine as one of the top 15 speakers in North America. He is one of the most dynamic speakers in the world, as attested to by clients including PNC Bank, Microsoft, RE/MAX International, Erickson Living, The Dubai Water Authority and Pepsi Cola International. He prides himself on presenting up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge material as it relates to designing the ideal customer EXPERIENCE by getting your people more ENGAGED at what they do every day. Jeff is the author of the wildly popular book Coloring Outside The Lines and co-author of the best-selling books The Sales Coach and The Communication Coach.
Over 20 years as a speaker, trainer, and business consultant has given Jeff the experience to apply best practices from leading companies to improve the customer experience across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re an accountant, an HR professional, a retailer, or a doctor, you share one marketing imperative: If you truly want to focus on your customer, you must see your business as your customer sees it. Jeff helps employees and employers put on their “customer glasses” to create meaningful change.