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Friday 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Session Description

What does being in a band have to do with HR?…Everything. Join author, musician, and SiriusXM Radio humorist Patrick Henry as he delivers a unique blend of music, humor, and actionable HR principles that will help increase employee engagement and boost productivity.

Patrick Henry

Customers stay loyal when the business they’re working with creates an emotional connection. That’s the message Patrick Henry, former Nashville songwriter and featured performer on the SiriusXM Radio Family Comedy Channels, wants his audience to take home with them.

Customer loyalty, Henry stresses, is fragile and customers will be loyal to those whom they are emotionally connected. “If you can make them feel, you can make them buy”.

Growing up in the football town of Auburn, Alabama, Patrick saw firsthand how fans are made. His background, in part, led to the realization that engagement is the foundation for loyalty, and loyalty is the foundation for emotional and financial buy-in.

Henry often says “we learn best when we are being entertained”, which is why Patrick’s audiences can look forward to humor, guitar playing, and original songs during his presentation “Becoming Remember-able”. Many of the concepts you will hear can be found in his book “The Pancake Principle: Seventeen Sticky Ways To Make Your Customers FLIP For You” which can be found on When not traveling, Patrick loves spending time with his wife Lesley and three children  and trying to get his golf handicap under 20.